NFTs in Virtual Land Aftermath Islands Metaverse – Discount Code

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A metaverse is a fully immersive online realm that looks similar to the real world, but is computer generated.

We know that virtual real estate is a booming market space.

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Elements of the Metaverse include physical and virtual worlds, a fully functioning economy, and the ability to transfer avatars and digital assets across different parts of the Metaverse.

Aftermath Islands is a planned metaverse, which is under an exclusive agency contract with Oasis.

The islands are themed, community and estate islands. Additional assets such as thematic dwellings designed for each island, community and estate are under development along with other interactive items which will also ultimately be available for sale as NFTs.  All NFTs can be resold, at the discretion of the holder using 3rd party, non-affiliated marketplaces, and private sale programs.

Sale of Virtual Land NFTs in Aftermath Islands Metaverse Now Live and Open to Public. Purchasers Can Use Cryptocurrencies or PayPal and Credit Cards Via Shopify App Waxify

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